Word from Principal

Principal Ms. Emily Ho  Year of 2021/22


        Following the spirit of Christ, our school has been serving in Sham Shui Po for 56 years. We have been providing comprehensive and high-quality early childhood education services for children and their parents. We keep improving and have developed new directions of high-quality education for building a preschool that glorifies God and benefits people.

        In the past few years, Hong Kong has faced unprecedented challenges. Despite these challenges, we have successively created an excellent learning environment for children through the hard-working and cooperation of our school team. We have added a library and a multi-purpose activity room and enhanced the physical activity room. We've also acquired various kinds of quality books, climbing frames, a variety of activity equipment, etc.

        Our curriculum is designed according to the developmental needs of children at different ages. We integrate comprehensive themes, storytelling activities, and dramatic play to create a language environment that inspires students to use language as a thinking tool. To cater for the developmental needs and support Non-Chinese-Speaking (NCS) students, we are participating in the On-School Pre-School Rehabilitation Service (OPRS) where the professional staff of Heep Hong Society provides on-site training including speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, etc. During their visits, they observe and monitor the progress of the students and share their experiences with our teachers. The school has also set up an NCS support group. The group, comprising a team of trained teachers, has designed a variety of individual and group play activities for NCS children to use Chinese in actual living contexts and integrate into school life.

        We attach great importance to home-school cooperation. A collaborative relationship between home and school can help improving children's well-being and their eagerness to learn. A workshop for the K1 parent is held every July to help them preparing their children to adapt to school life. The content of the workshop includes how to accompany their children to adjust to school life, how to teach and guide their children, nutrition for children, etc. The “Parent-Child Reading Workshop” is held every October. The workshop aims to enhance parents’ confidence and ability in parent-child reading, and its content includes parent-child reading strategies, how to cultivate the parent-child relationship, getting to know some local picture book writers, etc. We also care about the parents. In November, the "Walk with Parent" parent group begins. Our school collaborates with the resident social worker to arrange a series of group activities for parents, and these activities cover different aspects such as handicrafts, stretching exercise, love yourself and your family, etc.

        Many of our students, parents, and staff have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the recent fifth wave of the epidemic and they had to stay in isolation camps. The school, together with St. Thomas’ Church and the "Kids in Love” resident social worker, prepared support packages within a short period of time and delivered them to the students, parents, and staff in Penny's Bay to show our support. During this difficult time, we have been doing our best to maintain children's interest in learning at home through live ZOOM online activities, activity video clips, parent-child activity booklets, craft kits, and more.

        There are still many areas that we have to improve. However, I believe that as long as we have love in our hearts, and everyone is willing to take an extra step for our children and to act and practice in the love of Christ, our kids can grow in love with blessing.

        The Bible says, “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” (Proverbs 4:23) We pray to the Lord for keeping our hearts, no matter what circumstances, so that we can love the people around us with the love of Christ, always remain grateful, and face all kinds of difficulties and challenges with a positive attitude.